by Dr. Muriel McClellan

Filled with vibrant photos, insightful wisdom, and valuable advice… 

The Author

Dr. McClellan

Dr. McClellan is a retired psychologist who was in private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona. She had been giving advice for over 35 years to people with a variety of family issues. However, her dream has been to become an accomplished photographer, In 2011, she started taking photography classes with Arizona Highways Photo Workshops. One of those workshops was photographing hummingbirds in Madera Canyon. That is when she fell in love with photographing wildlife. She moved to Boise, Idaho a number of years ago to pursue that passion.

The Book

Advice from the Grizzly Bears

Filled with vibrant photos, insightful wisdom, and valuable advice, “Advice from the Grizzly Bears” is a creative gem that feeds the senses. Inside its ages, readers are transported to colorful landscapes graced with majestic grizzlies, also known as brown bears. Dr. Muriel McClellan’s vision of incorporating her passions and sharing goodness and reflection with her audience sets the stage for an engaging experience. 

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